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Engineered Solutions

ACTIVE offers on and off-highway markets the latest application-specific emissions, acoustical and thermal technology for 10hp to 700hp off-highway diesel engines.

Whether a standard design or a more complex sound and emission control system is needed, ACTIVE develops turnkey exhaust management solutions to make achieving your results as effortless as possible.

ACTIVE offers standard designs for seven different body configurations with inlet / outlets ranging from 1.75” through 6”. Customers can save time and money by selecting one of our standard low-cost exhaust solutions.

ACTIVE offers two ways to add spark arrestor to your exhaust system: a proprietary integrated internal spark arrestor or by adding an external patented spark arrestor.

We have invested heavily through our research and design capabilities to ensure that we can provide approved spark arrester designs for your application. And we get it right the first time.

From construction to agriculture to mining, ACTIVE understands the demands and complexities of operating machinery in severe environments. That’s why in certain applications we employ an air cleaner with a pre-cleaner, which ejects the collected dirt through the muffler via an integral Venturi.

Beginning in 2012, off-highway engines will require after-treatment to meet EPA Tier 4 regulations. Starting in 2010 CARB will be implementing fleet requirements which will require existing equipment to be retrofit with Diesel Particulate Filters as well.

That’s why we’re integrating Diesel Particulate Filters and Diesel Oxidization Catalysts into our exhaust systems today. There has also been significant development in the after-treatment of NOx emissions as well. ACTIVE continues to work with our technology partners evaluating SCR and NOx absorber technologies.

But it’s not just about complying with emission reduction laws. ACTIVE’s participation on key US industry committees and our desire to stay ahead of the technological curve means that we’re able to design systems that meet the needs of tomorrow.