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ACTIVE designs and manufactures a variety of emission products, integrating the best available technologies for a cleaner environment. We have leading edge applications in the off road spark ignited and diesel market including ATV, and outdoor power equipment markets.

HC Emissions - Catalyzed Muffler Design Options
NOx Emissions - Catalyzed Muffler Design Options

Engineered Solutions

ACTIVE remains focused on developing emissions solutions that meet today’s and tomorrow’s emissions regulations. We partner with strategic technology innovators to bring our customers optimal emissions solutions for spark ignited engines and diesel off-road engine applications.

The ACTIVE team includes industry leading experts who have been prominent stewards on behalf of the industry in establishing regulations requirements in North America. This knowledge enables us to offer unique value to our customers in an increasing regulatory environment. ACTIVE should be an essential member of your engine management team in dealing with the complexities facing all engines users.

New California laws and upcoming EPA emission regulations require significant reductions on NOx, HC and CO emissions. In keeping with our commitment to advancing technology and creating earth-friendly solutions, we’ve been working with major engine companies and OEMs to develop successful solutions. These range from utilizing secondary air to burn excess hydrocarbon in the exhaust or using a PGM catalyst to reduce HC, CO and NOx. ACTIVE continues to work with our customer base to develop emissions solutions for a variety of applications ranging from small single cylinder applications to the automotive aftermarket.

New off-road emission regulations require the implementation of various new technologies in equipment exhaust systems. ACTIVE is developing a range of solutions that include diesel oxidation catalysts, diesel particulate filters and NOx reduction systems such as SCR, NOx absorbers or Lean NOx traps.