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Small Engine Products. Big Thinking.

ACTIVE brings a lot more than just innovative technology to the table. We’re dedicated to meeting our customers’ demands and providing them with solutions that match their application requirements. From existing solutions to technology based custom designs, our approved emission-compliant exhaust systems are designed to meet the acoustical, thermal and engine performance targets of our customers.

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To meet the needs of the demanding small engine market, we’ve standardized the components for round and oval as well as box style mufflers. With these building blocks in place, we’re able to offer a wide variety of configurations including custom solutions. Features that can be incorporated into each design include:

  • Spark Arrestors, internal and external
  • Catalysts or alternative emission technologies
  • Venturi for cooling-patented technology
  • Double wall construction, insulation and heat shields
  • Performance systems

In an effort to provide the customer with high-tech solutions at competitive costs, ACTIVE developed a standardized clamshell design muffler. Available in three configurations based on engine power and single or twin applications, the innovative design allows us to tailor the headers and brackets for the application without having to redesign the base. The result is a lower cost solution when compared to conventional muffler designs and is catalyst ready!

Success Story

Developing a muffler to provide a product differentiation. ACTIVE developed a muffler to make the application the quietest in the market place.

Success Story. An existing customer over the years had developed numerous muffler configurations over 13 platforms.  ACTIVE supported the customer in the development of a common muffler solution over the 13 configurations and 7 different engines.